Fog from South Fork(Click to enlarge photo | Fog from South Fork © Janet Jones - SnowMoon Photography)


See some current configurations that may be angular on one of your current Lunar Returns.

Also take a look at the Getting Started | Basic Resources page and consider order the following self-paced classes now in the shop.

Under "Other Tools" in the shop - The Radix 90° Dial Course: Workbook, laminated dials and 4 CDs A guided and illustrated course to learn to set up a 90° dial of a chart, work with the Personal Points, The Aries Point, the axis of a factor, delineation of midpoints and differences and how the use of a working dial eliminates math--even complicated math such as A + B - C! Using the fascinating chart of suicidal poet, Sylvia Plath, begin to incorporate asteroids and TNPs as you acquire skill with the dial. It's much easier than you're heard. I promise.